Technology Part 5: Facebook

May 7, 2013 Rick

A Facebook page should be among any church, business, or organization’s arsenal of tools. There are several reasons for this. Facebook allows you to promote your church so that you can attract new people. It also allows you to stay in touch with your congregation.

The first thing a church should do when trying to get new members and promote events is to create a Facebook fan page. Make posts about upcoming events. Then make an events page for each one and invite everyone you can think of to attend. Having a revival? This is the perfect chance to get the community involved! If the pastor is giving a specific series of sermons, post about that as well, although making an event for this may be a bit overzealous.

Now let me take a moment to reiterate a point from a former post. Pictures really do make all the difference in the world. Make sure to have as many pictures of smiling faces on your fan page as possible. This makes an immediate good impression on anyone who visits the page. Remember that there are two main photos that represent you directly: your profile picture and your cover photo. It may seem obvious to make these pictures of the church or of a religious symbol, but rethink this for a moment. That cover photo is quite large and makes an incredible impression. Why not make the profile picture a representation of the church building and reserve the cover photo for all of those smiling faces? A full picture of the youth group is perfect for this. To read more about the amazing things that photos can do for your church, read part one of this series here.

Now that you have your fan page set up, let’s go a little further. Make group pages. One for the youth, of course, but also one for each Sunday School/Bible Study class. These can be used to communicate information among the specific groups and promote a good and friendly environment. Picture this scenario: there is a new guy in the Bible Study class and he is still on the fence about this whole “church thing.” The teacher has convinced him to join the Facebook group. So far he is not making much of a connection with the other group members during the class. But you don’t want to single him out by specifically inviting him to lunch. So instead, you post that you’re going to lunch on the Facebook group and invite everyone to join you. Now he has an opportunity to hang out with everyone outside of the classroom environment. He has lots of fun and decides to become a full time member the following Sunday. That is the power of Facebook!

Here at Church Web Fuel, we are all about sharing ideas. So if you know a way to use Facebook to your church’s advantage, post it below. Until next time!