Technology Part 3: Screens

May 2, 2013 Rick

In the third installment of our voyage through technology in the church, we will consider screens. These can be television screens or projection screens, depending on the specific needs of the congregation. I’ve already alluded to this one, and it certainly won’t be an option for every church, but for those who can make it work, they can be of huge benefit.

To begin with, many large contemporary churches have moved away from hymnals and begun to project the words of the worship songs on screens that can be seen from any corner of the sanctuary. A choir and/or praise team learns the music and leads the congregation through it. It may seem like a fairly small thing, but this seems to be one of the largest things that people like when they visit churches nowadays. People like that they don’t have to know how to read music and so they immediately feel like they are on the same level as the rest of the congregation.

Also, if the preacher has a tendency to have very long sermons, it is likely that he has several key points throughout to give some structure. These key points can be shown onscreen as a PowerPoint presentation, which will help keep the congregation’s attention and help them follow the sermon.

Movie nights are another great application of this screen. There is no better way to grow a youth program than simple activities like movie nights. Have some popcorn and kick back. The students will love it and they’ll come back for more.

There are countless other miscellaneous uses for screens. For example, your drama team can make a video series to be shown to the congregation. This allows for more affects than are possible with live performances. New ideas are always welcome, so comment below if you can think of a great application for screens!