Technology Part 2: Cameras

May 1, 2013 Rick

The first thing that any church should buy is a camera. This may seem odd to some. Although everyone likes pictures, there is little that a camera can do to enhance worship services or family events. So why would a church spend money from a probably very tight budget on a camera?

Photography may not actually change your service (although for some progressive churches, there are ways to make it work), but pictures do one very powerful thing. They make your congregation grow. I realize that you now think I’ve lost my mind. Hear me out.

Every church should be willing to spend the money to buy a nice digital camera. Ask for volunteers to take the pictures. Youth are probably the best place to start, since teenage girls seem obsessed with photography these days. You can even start a photography club. Have some of the pictures printed and hang them around the church. Now when visitors come, they will walk the halls and see how much fun everyone has during events. Once they are captivated, they’ll never want to leave. Now it’s time to take it a step farther. Use the best pictures on flyers and billboards. At this point, everyone in town gets a glimpse at what they’re missing out on. You should also post these pictures all over Facebook, which can be a fantastic tool for many reasons that will be discussed in a later post. Finally, put a few pictures on your website. Too many can draw the eye away from content, but a few good pictures can be the part of your site that grabs a person’s attention and holds it.

So it doesn’t matter what kind of congregation you have on this one. Cameras really can benefit any kind of church. Get creative with it. Very contemporary churches can use pictures during slideshows to help make points in the sermon, or in the background of a screen showing lyrics to the next song during worship. Good luck, and happy snapping!