Technology Part 1: Balance

April 30, 2013 Rick

This week, we will begin a new series of posts about the usefulness of technology in the church. As our society advances, it is inevitable that technology will become more and more useful for the church. For some churches, this will be nothing but good news. For others, more traditional congregations, it may be a struggle to incorporate technology without hindering the beauty of a traditional service. Just as with many things in life, the answer may be to find a balance.

Having visited many churches in my area, I have seen just about everything. From the zeal of Southern Baptist megachurches, to the comfort of hole-in-the-wall chapels, to the grandeur of Antebellum era Episcopal cathedrals, each church has found its own niche. For some, this means embracing technology and using it in practically every part of the service, including the encouragement of Bible apps on smartphones. However, some churches don’t have room to install large screen televisions to aid in their worship. For many of these churches, this would mean not only relocating from a beautiful historic building, but also changing the way they conduct a service which has remained constant for as long as anyone can remember.

There are, however, many technologies that can be beneficial to these congregations without disrupting anything. Cameras, microphones, and sound systems are only a few technologies that can make that small difference. So as we journey together through this series, bear in mind that although we will explore as many options as possible, I am by no means, expecting any of your churches to embrace every idea presented.

Keep your eyes open for part two, where we will truly begin our journey