SEO: Making Your Website Number One

July 14, 2014 Michael Ray

Search Engine Optimization is a loaded term in the web world.  Whenever SEO is mentioned, it is usually followed by “How do I get my website to show up on Google?”  Well, there are many right answers to that question.  Let’s just take a look at one of answers.

Relative content is most likely the least expensive way to bring your site up the rankings in search engines.  Content is essentially the text on your website.  Those blog articles that you keep meaning to write but never have time to do.  The more relative and original (very important) content you post to your site, the greater likelihood Google will rank you higher.  Notice how I mentioned original content.  Remember in school that term called plagiarism?  Yep, it is a well-known term in the web world as well.  I know that you would never plagiarize content from another site, but what if someone is copying content from your site?  There are some tools out there to help you. and are both designed to scan your site and check for duplicate content.  They will also let you know if your content is unique, which is always good to know.

In short, it is only helpful for you or a coworker to write a few articles each month and post them to the website.  If your company could produce and post an article a week, then you will see improved traffic coming to your website.