Let Us Integrate Your Social Media

June 9, 2014

What does it take to make a complete web presence? A website? Of course! A Facebook page? Certainly! What about a twitter account? These are all chunks of a bigger picture that creates your identity on the internet. Without one of them, your viewers will be missing some important part of what you want them to see. So exactly what part does each of these cogs in the system play?

The first is obvious. Your website is right in the center of your world. This is where your organization can display its personality. From your choice of color to your content to your online marketplace, you maintain complete control. Social media plays an important side role. Your social media should guide viewers to your website. Gain followers by posting interesting things that are related to your organization’s niche. Make people WANT to read into what you do.

Now for the grand finale. Make your website more dynamic by adding you social media to it. We can add a Twitter feed to you site that will keep your visitors entertained. If they don’t already follow you, this can call them to action. Now your organization’s message is a constant reminder on their twitter feed. What about hashtags? If your organization creates a successful hashtag that identifies it, we can pull that onto the site as well.

For a great example, take a look at Mary Beth Chapman’s new website. This was another project we did for twoseventwo.